Do you have any old VHS, MiniDV, Hi8 or other video tapes lying around your home? Cherished family memories that can’t even be viewed anymore because the methods needed to view them have been made obsolete? We can help by converting them into a newer digital format! We transfer your old video tapes to the storage format of your choice (DVD, USB, SD Card, External Hard Drive or secure online file-sharing website). We transfer VHS, VHS-c, MiniDV and Hi8 video tapes to DVDs for easy viewing at home or convert them to another digital format to preserve them and give you the ability to view them on any other device.


We know that many of you have old 8mm film and 16mm film reels collecting dust at home. 8mm film reels and 16mm film reels can be at high risk of deteriorating and fading away forever! We can convert your film reels to DVD or another digital format of your choice. The equipment we use is able to transfer your 8mm and 16mm film reels to DVD or other digital formats with the best quality possible to ensure your memories are preserved. We use a top-of-the-line Telecine machine to capture your film reels frame by frame. These frames are then edited into a beautiful flicker-free movie for you and your loved ones to enjoy!


Shoeboxes and old sticky film photo albums are all too common in many of our homes today. Using our newest Epson scanners, we can transfer your photographs into a more modern digital format that can be viewed easily at home and on-the-go. We can also convert your 35mm slides, photo negatives and paper documents to a digital format of your choice. Our photo and slide transfer service includes dust removal, rotation and basic photo editing to enhance your photographs. Scanning up to 1200DPI is available but please contact us for a detailed quote. Your photos, 35mm slides and negatives are important; let us professionally scan your photographs, 35mm slides and negatives and convert them to digital – preserving them for a lifetime!


Ever start cleaning your home and stumble upon a treasure trove of audio tapes, audio cassettes, vinyl records / LPs? We can help you hear your loved ones’ voices, relive your music memories and reminisce over cheesy mixtapes you gave to your high school crush. Bring us your audio tapes, audio cassettes, vinyl records / LPs and we will transfer them to CD or convert them into the digital format of your choice (CD, USB, SD Card, External Hard Drive or secure online file-sharing website).